The global economic and governance system is at a critical juncture. Although globalization has brought tremendous benefits to millions of people, these gains are unevenly distributed across the world. As evidenced by unequal economic recovery, geopolitical tensions, and slow climate action, the costs of globalization have not been sufficiently managed in policy responses.

With its interdisciplinary team of experts, issue-focused centers, and collaboration with key partners, the Global program provides thought leadership, cutting-edge research, and actionable solutions that guide policies, deepen international cooperation, and inform the public around some of the most pressing issues of our time.

The Global program focuses on five intersecting and interrelated priority areas:

  1. Technology for inclusive growth and development.
  2. Climate policy and action for sustainable and inclusive growth and development.
  3. Global education and skills development.
  4. Sustainable development and financing for development.
  5. Renewed multilateralism and international cooperation.

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