Governance Studies

Governance Studies


The Governance Studies program and its scholars are dedicated to strengthening democracy and improving its institutions through research and expert analysis to inform public debate and provide solutions for the most critical governance challenges.

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Media Coverage

Brown Center Chalkboard
The Brown Center Chalkboard is where Brookings scholars and guest authors bring evidence to bear on the pressing issues in U.S. education policy, politics, and practice. Sign up to receive updates on new posts
Focused on new ideas to make government work, the FixGov blog identifies and aims to solve the nation’s most pressing political and governance challenges. The solutions offered here are sensible and realistic. Sign up to receive updates on new posts
How We Rise
How We Rise is a project from the Race, Prosperity, and Inclusion initiative at Brookings that focuses on policy solutions to upend structural racism and create a more equitable society for all. Sign up to receive updates on new posts
TechTank focuses on new developments in science and technology policy and how they affect health care, education, economic development, innovation, and governance. Our goals are to highlight new data and ideas, and provide commentary on science and technology trends in the United States and around the world. Sign up to receive updates on new posts
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