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Taiwan’s Domestic and External Policy Environments in 2015

Taiwan faces domestic and external policy challenges on a range of fronts. Some are common to industrial democracies around the world and some, such as exclusion from many international organizations, are unique to Taiwan. In the year 2015, formulating and implementing solutions to these challenges will be complicated by Taiwan’s large-scale local elections at the end of 2014 and national elections at the beginning of 2016.

On October 28 in Taipei, the Center for East Asia Policy Studies at Brookings, the Taipei Forum, and the Association of Foreign Relations hosted a public conference examining issues in democratic governance, regional and global trade and economics, and relations across the Taiwan Strait. Leading experts from Taiwan, the United States, China, Korea, and Japan examined some of the policy and political challenges facing Taipei over the coming year. The Honorable David Y.L. Lin, minister of foreign affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan) delivered an opening keynote speech.

After each session, participants responded to audience questions.


Panel 1: Problems of Democratic Governance


Sunhyuk Kim

Professor, Department of Public Administration - Korea University


Yun-han Chu

Academician, Academia Sinica - Professor of Political Science, National Taiwan University


Yu-shan Wu

Distinguished Research Fellow and Director, Institute for Political Science - Academia Sinica

Panel 3: Cross-Strait Relations


Lingwei Hu

Deputy Director - Shanghai East Asia Institute


Kwei-Bo Huang

Secretary-General - Association of Foreign Relations

Welcome and Introduction


Su Chi

Chairman - The Taipei Forum Foundation

Keynote Address

Panel 2: Economic Issues

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