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Past Event

Global China: Assessing Beijing’s growing influence in the international system

Past Event

On October 19, Foreign Policy at the Brookings Institution hosted an event to analyze the global turn in Chinese foreign policy and discuss the opportunities and challenges this presents for the United States. The event featured a keynote address from Representative Adam Schiff, chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. The House Intelligence Committee recently published a report arguing for a fundamental realignment of the U.S. intelligence community in order for the U.S. to more effectively compete with China on the global stage. As chairman of the committee, Representative Schiff discussed the conclusions and policy recommendations from this report.

This event was the concluding capstone to the two-year Brookings initiative “Global China: Assessing China’s Growing Role in the World.” The initiative features more than 70 papers, and those in this final batch focus on China’s efforts to influence institutions, norms, and rules at the heart of international order and the global economy. From China’s impact on the global middle class to international law and the Belt and Road Initiative, these papers help observers of China and policymakers as they seek to understand China’s changing place in the global economy. Following the discussion with Chairman Schiff, there was a panel discussion with experts from Brookings and beyond that will focus on diverse aspects of China’s global behavior, with special emphasis on Beijing’s efforts to reshape global governance, international economics, international law, and related fields.

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