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Series: #GirlsEdu
Education Plus Development

The Path Forward for Improving Education

Recently I sat down in the Brookings studio with colleagues from the Center for Universal Education to discuss trends and opportunities in global education.  There has been much improvement in the global dialogue on the importance of education and I believe there are many opportunities to leverage in the near future.

Our conversation touched on these opportunities and on the challenges that still remain.  We discussed extending education and learning to marginalized groups—particularly girls—and the potential promise that new technologies offer in both streamlining our educational systems and as direct learning tools.  I also discussed my work at Brookings, which focuses on measuring what is happening in schools in order to best improve them—a subject that I aim to address informed with my experience of building trust with teachers and other important stakeholders.

Improving the global education agenda to 2015 and beyond

Extending education to girls and other marginalized groups

How can we increase education and improve learning?

Building trust is critical for education reform

Making technology work for education

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