WATCH: Why developing countries must focus on getting millions to learn

Over the past few decades, there has been tremendous progress getting more children into school around the world. However, too often students are still not mastering core academic content and higher-order thinking skills. In other words, this rapid scaling of schooling over the past 150 years has not translated into the scaling of learning.

In a new video, we introduce the Millions Learning project, which examines where and how quality education has scaled in low- and middle-income countries around the world, with the ultimate goal of helping more children and youth gain access to high-quality learning experiences that lead to lasting improvements in their lives.

To learn more about Millions Learning, please visit our interactive report, Millions Learning: Scaling Up Quality Education in Developing Countries, and watch the live webcast of our report launch event, Getting millions to learn: What will it take to accelerate progress on meeting the Sustainable Development Goals?, on day two of our Center for Universal Education Symposium.