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Meeting the Challenge of the Global Economy: Trade, Economic Security and Effective Government

 The Hamilton Project was launched this year to advance an economic strategy to restore America’s promise of opportunity, prosperity and growth-and inject new policy options from leading thinkers across the country into the national economic debate. At a forum on July 25, the project released its second set of policy papers, examining trade and government reform.

The forum began with a discussion of a new paper on trade authored by Peter Orszag, Brookings senior fellow and director of The Hamilton Project and Michael Deich, managing director of The Hamilton Project. A second panel featured ideas on modernizing government, instituting return-free tax filing and a look ahead to upcoming papers on restructuring unemployment insurance. The session concluded with a discussion of the challenges presented by a global economy featuring former Treasury Secretaries Robert E. Rubin and Lawrence H. Summers and former Deputy Treasury Secretary Roger C. Altman.

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Welcome and Opening Remarks: Peter R. Orszag

Panel 1: Gene Sperling

Panel 1: Larry Mishel

Panel 1: Q&A

Panel 2: Nancy Killefer

Panel 2: Pat McGinnis

Panel 2: Austan Goolsbee

Panel 2: Jeffrey Kling

Panel 2: Lori Kletzer

Panel 3: Introduction

Panel 3: Roger Altman, Robert E. Rubin, Larry Summers

Panel 3: Q&A

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Welcome and Opening Remarks

Peter R. Orszag

Vice Chairman of Investment Banking, Managing Director, and Global Co-Head of Healthcare - Lazard

Panel One: Promoting Growth and Opportunity in a Global Economy

Panel Two: Modernizing Government

Jeffrey R. Kling

Former Brookings Expert

Associate Director for Economic Analysis - Congressional Budget Office


Lori Kletzer

University of California at Santa Cruz and Senior Fellow, Institute of International Economics

Panel Three: Meeting the Challenge of a Global Economy

Robert E. Rubin

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary

Co-Chair Emeritus - Council on Foreign Relations

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