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Past Event

International volunteer service and the 2030 development agenda

Past Event

International volunteer service and the 2030 development agenda

The Building Bridges Coalition was launched at the Brookings Institution in June 2006 to promote the role of volunteer service in achieving development goals and to highlight research and policy issues across the field in the United States and abroad. Among other efforts, the coalition promotes innovation, scaling up, and best practices for international volunteers working in development.

On June 14, the Brookings Institution and the Building Bridges Coalition co-hosted a 10th anniversary forum on the role of volunteers in achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and on the coalition’s impact research. General Stanley McChrystal was the keynote speaker and discussed initiatives to make a year of civilian service as much a part of growing up in America as going to high school.

Afterwards, three consecutive panels discussed how to provide a multi-stakeholder platform for the advancement of innovative U.S.-global alliances with nongovernmental organizations, faith-based entities, university consortia, and the private sector in conjunction with the launch of the global track of Service Year Alliance.

For more information on the forum and the Building Bridges Coalition, click here.


Featured speaker

Panel 1 — Role of volunteer service in achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals


Corey Griffin

Board Member - Building Bridges Coalition and National Peace Corps Association


Diane Melley

Vice President for Corporate Citizenship Initiatives, IBM

Panel 2 — Policy perspective: National and international service in the next administration

11:20 – 11:30: Announcement of the Harris Wofford Global Service Fellows

Panel 3 — One million Americans in global service: The role of faith-based service


David Eisner

CEO, Repair the World - Former CEO, Corporation and National and Community Service

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