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21st Century Security Forum: The National Defense Strategy and its global impact

In the National Defense Strategy (NDS) released earlier this year, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis states “America’s military has no preordained right to victory on the battlefield.” The NDS not only argues for urgency in planning, but it marks a significant change in the focus of our forces. Notably, the document marks a shift from anti-terrorism operations to great power competition, including a new commitment to countering the actions of China and Russia. This shift has immediate consequences for policymakers around the world, and it will continue to require additional examination and discussion as it goes fully operational in the time ahead.

On April 26, Foreign Policy at Brookings will host a forum on the near term, global impacts of the recently released NDS. Panelists include military fellows from Brookings and other think tanks as well as a number of national security professionals with backgrounds in government and academia. General Robert Neller, commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, will headline the event, with a discussion on resetting the Department of Defense under the 2018 NDS. Brookings President John R. Allen will join General Neller for the discussion.

Following each panel and the keynote discussion, panelists will take audience questions.



How the National Defense Strategy may impact service priorities

Colonel Jesse J. Friedel

Military Fellow, International Security Program - Center for Strategic and International Studies

Colonel - U.S. Air Force

Colonel Joel “JB” Vowell

Executive Officer to the Secretary of the Army - U.S. Army

Former Federal Executive Fellow - The Brookings Institution

The return of great power competition

Thomas H. Harvey III

Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy, Plans, and Capabilities - U.S. Department of Defense

Kelly Magsamen

Vice President, National Security and International Policy - Center for American Progress

A discussion with General Robert Neller

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