WATCH: Carol Williams shares the role of education alliances in Worldreader’s scaling success

As part of our Millions Learning video series, we are diving into Worldreader, one of the 14 case studies explored in the Millions Learning report. Worldreader provides culturally and linguistically relevant digital books on low cost e-readers and mobile phone applications to children and their families in low- and middle-income countries. The non-profit organization integrates context-appropriate technology, access to more than 31,000 books in 43 languages, teacher support, and community engagement to help instill a love for reading among users.

In this video, Carol Williams, director of Worldreader West Africa, discusses the different uses of Worldreader’s digital content by girls and boys, as well as the role that partnerships have played in Worldreader’s success. In doing so, Williams explains some challenges Worldreader has faced in scaling up to ultimately reach 5.6 million people.

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