Scaling impact in education to reach the world’s most vulnerable children

African children in a koranic school classroom, Tonkpi Region, Man, Ivory Coast.NO USE FRANCE

Patrick Hannahan and Jenny Perlman Robinson from the Center for Universal Education at Brookings discuss how Real-time Scaling Labs inform efforts to bring impact in education to children around the world. Hannahan is project director of the Millions Learning Project; Perlman Robinson is a senior fellow in CUE and Global Economy and Development at Brookings. In the episode, Hannahan also speaks with six education leaders in Real-time Scaling Labs around the world.

The scaling-lab leaders are:

  • Ghaith Al-Shokairi, Research and Documentation Manager, and Scaling Lab Researcher, INJAZ
  • Barbara Chilangwa, Executive Advisor and Scaling Lab Advisor, CAMFED Tanzania
  • Chantale Kallas, Partnerships and Scaling Advisor, International Rescue Committee (IRC)
  • Faustin Koffi, Inspector General for Administration and School Life, and Scaling Lab Manager, Ministry of National Education, Cote d’Ivoire
  • Moitshepi Matsheng, Co-Founder and Country Coordinator, Young 1ove
  • Vicki Tinio, Executive Director, Foundation for Information Technology Education and Development (FIT-ED)

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