The case for trade and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

TPP delegates in front of country flags

Mireya Solís, senior fellow and the Philip Knight Chair in Japan Studies in the Brookings Center for East Asia Policy Studies, explores the domestic and international importance of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, comments on what the presidential candidates are saying about trade, and also addresses the fears people have about losing their jobs to trade.

“I think that the most fundamental myth is that we’re better off without the Trans-Pacific Partnership,” Solís argues, “that there will be no lasting damage to the American prestige and leadership in the world … How can we ask others to come back and sit at the table and negotiate, even a bilateral, if there’s no assurance that we can actually follow through?”

Also stay tuned for our regular economic update from David Wessel, senior fellow and director of the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy.

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Thanks to audio producer Mark Hoelscher and producer Vanessa Sauter, plus thanks to Bill Finan, Jessica Pavone, Eric Abalahin, and Rebecca Viser.

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