Invest in children for better outcomes

Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach, director of The Hamilton Project and senior fellow in Economic studies, discusses the importance of investments in children, especially those who are from low socio-economic backgrounds. She highlights issues such as early childhood education, child poverty, and food insecurity, issues about which The Hamilton Project has produced significant research and recommendations.

“[W]e’re dangerously underinvesting in children today,” Schanzenbach says. “And there’s emerging research that indicates that if we spend more on schools, if we make sure that families have more income, or if we alleviate food insecurity, that has a payoff not just today but down the line, in terms of more productive people when they grow up.”

Also in this episode: a presidential election update with John Hudak. And our new Metro Lens segment with Martha Ross as she discusses employment and disconnection among teens and young adults.

Show Notes

Expanding Preschool Access for Disadvantaged Children



Strengthening SNAP to reduce food insecurity and promote economic growth
In defense of federal food aid

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