Brookings Data Now: Chicago and Mexico City are Major Trading Partners, and More

In this edition of Brookings Data Now: Syrian refugees, property taxes, crime in Uruguay, and bilateral trade between Chicago and Mexico City.


Estimate of number of Syrian refugees currently residing in Turkey

By the end of 2013, that number could rise to one million.


About what most U.S. counties levy in property taxes in the U.S.

Most of the levies are below 1 percent of the home’s value.


Increase in youth crime in Uruguay between 1997 and 2010 

In 2014 Uruguayans will vote on whether to reform their constitution to reduce the age of criminal responsibility from 18 to 16.

$1.7 billion

Value of bilateral trade between Chicago and Mexico City

The Chicago-Mexico City Global Cities Economic Partnership is the first agreement of its kind, more than just a Sister Cities cultural exchange.

Colleen Lineweaver contributed to this post.