People researching family, school, and community engagement in education

Research on inclusive and equitable FSCE practices and partnerships

Families, educators, learners, and community members are influential forces shaping the demand for how education is delivered and what it can achieve. In response to growing interest in how partnerships between families, schools, and communities can be leveraged to transform education systems, the Center for Universal Education (CUE) at Brookings launched the Family, Schools, and Community Engagement (FSCE) in Education initiative in 2018.

In 2021, CUE published Collaborating to transform and improve education systems: A playbook for family-school engagement, which makes the case for why FSCE is critical for supporting students, schools, and education systems to thrive. Featured in the playbook is an interactive database of evidence-based strategies from around the world for effective engagement, called the Strategy Finder.

Building on the Playbook, CUE works with nearly 60 project collaborators from across 18 countries to co-construct research and open-source, actionable tools that educators, decisionmakers, and community organizations can use to help build strong partnerships with their families and communities.

There are several key and emerging themes that cut across the FSCE research. These include equity and inclusion of families and students from marginalized groups, centering student voices in FSCE research and efforts, and viewing parents and teachers as allies in the shared goal of educating children.