Pencil and ruler symbolizing tools for family, school, and community engagement in education

Tools and strategies for promoting FSCE

The Center for Universal Education (CUE) at Brookings produces tools to support educators, decisionmakers, and community organizations with their efforts to build greater family, school, and community engagement and partnerships.

Conversation Starter Tools

This suite of community-driven research tools guides school and community teams in studying and exploring FSCE in their context. The suite includes contextualization guidance, exploratory surveys, focus group discussion guides, and other tools. This suite provides a participatory process for school and community teams to understand the FSCE landscape in their schools, identify contextually relevant strategies, and develop relational trust and a shared vision of strategies that can be used to strengthen practices and partnerships. Explore the Conversation Starter Tools.

Global Family, School, and Community Engagement Rubrics

This set of rubrics helps school teams to assess and reflect on where they are in building family, school, and community engagement partnerships and to map where they need to go to make sure their schools are inclusive of all families and supporting school and student outcomes. Explore the rubrics.

Strategy Finder

This interactive database features evidence-based strategies for family, school, and community engagement and partnerships from around the world. The strategies in this database provide diverse examples of how FSCE is being used to improve and transform education systems, and can be filtered by characteristics such as geography, student age, tech level, and levers for change. Explore the strategy finder.

Selected dimensions of the strategy landscape and Strategy Finder for family, school, and community engagement in education

The strategy landscape presents a map for understanding the breadth of family-school engagement approaches for achieving each of the four goals.

Explore one featured strategy about schools in New Mexico that are designed collaboratively to meet the wishes and needs of local families, related to another workstream at CUE on community schools.