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Dhruva Jaishankar on how the H-1B visa controversy will affect India

ABC News

Brookings India Fellow for Foreign Policy Dhruva Jaishankar spoke to ABC News on the future of Indian workers on highly skilled visas (H-1B) in the US under President Donald Trump.

Mr Jaishankar said: “There has been a lot of criticism of this programme within the US, irrespective of Donald Trump, including in the US Congress on both the Republican and Democratic side.

“We could have expected, regardless of Trump’s election, questions being raised and a possible scaling back of the programme. That being said, I will be very surprised if the programme is completely scrapped. So while I expect we can see some scale back of the programme, I don’t think we’ll see its complete abandonment.”

This video first appeared in ABC News 24, on 31 January 2017. Like other products of the Brookings Institution India Center, this video is intended to contribute to discussion and stimulate debate on important issues. The views are of the participant(s). Brookings India does not have any institutional views.

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