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Past Event

The Future of the Military

Past Event

With the two remaining Democratic presidential hopefuls and the presumptive Republican nominee debating the war in Iraq and other military engagements overseas, a critical question that candidates must acknowledge is “What is the Future of Our Military?” On April 7, Opportunity 08 was in Miami to discuss the future of the United States military. The University of Miami, the University of Miami Student Government, University of Miami Council for Democracy and University of Miami Get Out The Vote Chapter were event co-sponsors.

With our military stretched to the breaking point, retention dwindling, and resources and equipment for our troops a major concern, panelists discussed how our next Commander-in-Chief can ensure the stability and readiness of our military.



Panel One – Issues in the 2008 Primary Season

Panel Two – The Future of Our Military: Solutions for Our Next President

Peter W. Singer

Former Brookings Expert

Strategist and Senior Fellow - New America

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