3:00 pm EDT - 4:00 pm EDT

Past Event

The future of artificial intelligence and its impact on the economy

Thursday, May 20, 2021

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT

Online only

Advances in artificial intelligence are likely to herald an unprecedented period of rapid innovation and technological change, which will fundamentally alter current industries and economy. What is different to previous periods of technological progress is the speed at which these developments are happening and the extent to which they will shape markets around the world. How will they affect prosperity and inequality? How can AI be deployed for the greater good and to improve economic outcomes?

On Thursday, May 20, Sanjay Patnaik, director of the Center on Regulation and Markets (CRM) at Brookings, sat down with Katya Klinova, the head of AI, labor, and the economy at the Partnership on AI to explore these questions and many others. Klinova focuses on studying the mechanisms for steering AI progress towards greater equality of opportunity and improving the working conditions along the AI supply chain. She previously worked at the UN Executive Office of the Secretary-General (SG) on preparing the launch of the SG’s Strategy for New Technology, and at Google in a variety of managerial roles in Chrome, Play, Developer Relations, and Search departments, where she was responsible for launching and driving the worldwide adoption of Google’s early AI-enabled services.

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This event is part of CRM’s “Reimagining Modern-day Markets and Regulations” series, which focuses on analyzing rapidly changing modern-day markets and on how to regulate them most effectively.