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Cities and the Presidential Election

Federal urban policy has generally consisted of small initiatives and narrowly focused policies. To create real change, and to help cities become strong and competitive, government officials need to think differently about urban policy. At this National Issues Forum, mayors and other experts will discuss critical urban issues—transportation, housing, jobs, and crime— and explore what presidential candidates and the federal government should be doing to help cities grapple with these concerns. Oakland mayor and former California governor Jerry Brown will give the keynote address. The Summer 2000 issue of the Brookings Review, which is dedicated to urban policy challenges, will be released at the forum.

This forum is the fifth of eight election-year conferences—called the P2K, Priorities 2000, series—at which Brookings is encouraging a serious and informed discussion of the most pressing issues facing the next president.


Keynote Address




Jeremy Travis

Senior Fellow, The Urban Institute (former head, National Institutes of Justice, urban crime expert)


Steve Coyle

AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust, Washington, D.C. (former head, Boston Redevelopment Authority, housing expert)

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