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Brookings-Jinan China microeconomic policy forum 2020

In October 2020, the Brookings Institution and Jinan University jointly organized the 2nd Brookings-Jinan China Microeconomic Policy Forum. The 2020 conference included three environment papers on pollution and four labor papers on migration control, peer effects, and old age support, as well as two panels on pollution and migration. The report below provides a summary of the presentations of the seven papers and discussions of the two panels.

Read the complete Brookings-Jinan Conference Report here.


Conference organizers

Environment session

Paper 1: Location-based Policies and Unintended Environmental Consequences: Evidence from an Industry Relocation Policy in China

Presenter: Junji Xiao, University of Technology Sydney
Discussant: Shanjun Li, Cornell University


Paper 2: Attentions Online, Abatement Offline: A Natural Experiment from Social Media in China

Presenter: Pinghan Liang, Sun Yat-sen University
Discussant: Guojun He, HKUST


Paper 3: Weather, Climate Change, and Land Use: A High-Resolution Analysis in China

Presenter: Peng Zhang, CUHK Shenzhen
Discussant: Joshua S. Graff Zivin, UCSD

Panel 1: Pollution and its consequences on firms and individuals

Labor session

Paper 4: Migration Controls, Urban Fiscal Policies, and the Accumulation of Human Capital in China

Presenter: Jipeng Zhan, Southwest University of Finance and Economics
Discussant: Hong Song, Fudan University


Paper 5: Externality of Parental Absence on Peer’s Personality Traits

Presenter: Zhe Yang, Jinan University
Discussant: Elira Kuka, George Washington University


Paper 6: Welfare Magnets and Internal Migration in China

Presenter: Zhangfeng Jin, Zhejiang University
Discussant: Klaus F. Zimmermann, GLO


Paper 7: The Role of Social Norms in Old-age Support: Evidence from China

Presenter: Xuezhu Shi, University of International Business and Economics
Discussant: Zhong Zhao, Renmin University of China

Panel 2: Internal migration and rural-urban inequality in China

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