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Past Event

Brookings–Jinan China microeconomic policy forum 2019

Download the full agenda here.

On October 11 and October 12, Brookings and IESR at Jinan University hosted a seminar on the production and health impacts of environmental externalities and policies. Academics from China and abroad presented papers on environmental protection, emissions standards, air pollution, its health impacts, and more.  Following the presentations, formal discussants offered their perspectives on the papers.


Conference Organizers

Environmental Protection or Local Protectionism? Evidence from Tailpipe Emission Standard in China

How Extensive are Air Pollution Spillovers? An Application to China’s Manufacturing Productivity

Late-life Cognition: Do Childhood Conditions Play Any Role?


Pollution Mitigation and Productivity: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms

The Effect of Air Pollution on Body Weight and Obesity: Evidence from China


Indoor Air Pollution and Mortality Rates: Evidence from Natural Gas Pipelines Expansion in China

Behind the Flames: Unintended Impacts of Straw Burning on Human Capital

Walking tour of Jinan University & JNU museum


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