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2010 CUSE Annual Conference: From the Lisbon Treaty to the Eurozone Crisis

With a U.S. Administration still popular across Europe and a new Lisbon Treaty designed to enhance the diplomatic reach of the European Union, transatlantic relations should now be at their best in years. But this is clearly not the case, with the strategic partners often looking in opposite directions. While the United States channels its foreign policy attention on the war in Afghanistan, counterterrorism and nuclear non-proliferation, Europe is turning inward. Despite its ambitions, the European Union has yet to achieve the great global role to which it aspires, or to be the global partner that Washington seeks. Moreover, the Greek financial crisis has raised questions about the very survival of the European project.

On June 2, the Center on the United States and Europe (CUSE) at Brookings and the Heinrich Böll Foundation hosted experts and top officials from both sides of the Atlantic for the 2010 CUSE Annual Conference. Panelists explored critical issues shaping the future of transatlantic relations in the post-Lisbon Treaty era, including Europe’s Eastern neighborhood and the role Russia plays, and the impact of the Eurozone crisis.

After each panel, participants took audience questions.


9:30 AM - Panel 1: The Beginning of Europe? Transatlantic Relations in a Post-Lisbon Treaty Era

Heather Conley

Senior Vice President, Director of the Europe Program - Center for Strategic and International Studies


Andres Ortega

Director, Department of Studies and Analysis, Presidency of the Spanish Government

11:15 AM - Panel 2: The Borders of Europe? Dealing with Unincorporated Neighbors

Ivan Krastev

Chairman - Centre for Liberal Strategies

Permanent Fellow - Institute for Human Sciences


Michael Leigh

Senior Fellow - German Marshall Fund of the United States


Marie Mendras

Director, Policy Planning Staff, French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs


Daniel Russell

Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs

1:30 PM - Panel 3: The End of Europe? The Impact of the Crisis on European Integration

Andrew Moravcsik

Former Brookings Expert

Professor and Director, European Union Program, Princeton University

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