Cvr: The Foreign Policy of the EU


The Foreign Policy of the European Union

Assessing Europe's Role in the World

Federiga Bindi
Release Date: October 4, 2022

An all-inclusive, exhaustive evaluation of the foreign policy of the European Union

Fourteen years ago the 2009 Lisbon Treaty put into place the legal and structural foundations for the European Union to play a role as a global actor. In the decade since, the EU itself has undergone intense political and economic stress, from debt crises to the rise of nationalist parties and the strains of Brexit. What effect have these changes had on the EU’s foreign policy and its role in the world?

This new edition of The Foreign Policy of the European Union offers an up-to-date and comprehensive examination of that question. The globe-spanning contributions to the book include a look at relations between Brussels and its regional neighbors, including Russia; the tensions that have arisen with the United States during the Trump administration; and the burgeoning relationship with China. How the EU is dealing with issues such as migration, terrorism, trade, and security round out the volume.


Federiga Bindi holds the Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, and is a Fellow at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Bindi held several policy appointments in government, including serving as Senior Advisor to Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini, and as Fellow in the U.S. Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee under Sen. John Kerry’s chairmanship. Bindi was a Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Institution in 2008-2010.