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Every Second Counts

Saving Lives with India's Emergency Response System

By William A. Haseltine
Cover: Every Second Counts

How a public-private partnership led to the largest emergency response system in the world

Emergency medical response systems are a critical component of any nation’s healthcare system. Minutes or even seconds can mean the difference between life or death. Every Second Counts tells the inspiring story of how the Indian government and a non-profit foundation, the Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI), partnered to create a world-class emergency response system that serves more than 700 million people and has saved more than 2 million lives.

What the government of India achieved in partnership with EMRI is nothing short of groundbreaking. In Every Second Counts, William A. Haseltine describes the key factors behind the success of EMRI: the application of cutting-edge technologies, an outstanding medical education system, and a close working partnership between a well-intentioned government and a capable non-profit partner.

Every Second Counts is an important book for policymakers, business leaders, and healthcare leaders who care about providing high-quality care at affordable costs to all those in need.

Praise of Every Second Counts

"As a text examining the world’s largest emergency services provider in one of the world’s largest nations, this book succeeds admirably. Recommended. All readers"

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