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Order from Chaos

What’s it like to be a post-doctoral fellow with Brookings Foreign Policy?

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We are currently looking for two new post-doctoral fellows to join Brookings Foreign Policy for the 2019-20 academic year. The deadline to apply is January 4. The fellowship is designed for recent doctorate conferees whose research interests and career goals are directly related to major interests of the program: the rapid re-ordering of geopolitics among the great and major powers, the disordering of relations within and between states and among transnational actors; and globalization and governance innovation, with particular emphasis on the intersection of technology and U.S. national security, and challenges to liberal democracy.

Brookings Foreign Policy Fellow and Director of the India Project Tanvi Madan recently sat down with current Post-Doctoral Fellows Rush Doshi and Sharan Grewal to discuss what they’re researching and why they chose to come to Brookings after finishing their doctorates.

Interested? Apply here.

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