Weekend Reads: Succession in Saudi Arabia, New Podcast on 21st Century Metros, and More

New this week

Succession in Saudi Arabia. Bruce Riedel provides background on Saudi Arabia’s new king, Crown Prince Salman.

New podcast on “the 21st century metro.” In the latest Brookings Cafeteria podcast, Bruce Katz talks with host Fred Dews about the many ways cities and metro areas are transforming America.

The U.S. income gap may be narrower than we think. Robert Litan says that’s because some estimates don’t take into account the aging of the population, among other things.

The absence of women from Middle East policy debates. According to data compiled by Tamara Cofman Wittes and Marc Lynch, 65% of last year’s Middle East events at six major think tanks lacked any female speakers.

Improved data is transforming how we combat global poverty. Lyn Squire—author of the World Bank’s 1990 World Development Report on Poverty—highlights advancements over the past 25 years that have improved our ability to reduce poverty.

What our experts are reading

A joint op-ed by foreign ministers of Britain, France, and Germany, and the EU High Representative: “Give Diplomacy with Iran a Chance.” (@Arturo_Sarukhan)

Insightful from Jamelle Bouie: “Why Democrats Should Listen to What Republicans Are Saying About Inequality.” (@EJDionne)