The Haitian Community in Miami-Dade

Rebecca Sohmer
Rebecca Sohmer Senior Research Analyst

September 1, 2005

This report is a supplement to a June 2004 publication entitled, Growing the Middle Class: Connecting All Miami-Dade Residents to Economic Opportunity. The intent of this report is to provide specific information about the Haitian community in Miami-Dade County in order to better describe its challenges.

After describing income trends, the report explores some of the reasons behind the low incomes and higher poverty rates of Miami’s Haitian population.

The Haitian community in Miami-Dade has gained a lot of ground since the late 1970s—there are now Haitian and Haitian American politicians, organizations, businesses, and middle-class neighborhoods. But the numbers also show that there is still much work to be done to ensure that all groups in the region, including Haitians, have access to economic opportunity.