Open government and Trump’s transition ethics

The White House is seen in Washington

Ambassador Norman Eisen, visiting fellow in Governance Studies and former U.S. ambassador to the Czech Republic, discusses the controversies surrounding President-elect Trump’s transition to the White House and his new report on open government.

Also in this episode, Rebecca Winthrop, director of the Center for Universal Education and senior fellow in Global Economy and Development, analyzes the ways in which education systems should evolve in the digital age.

Finally, Bill Finan and Greg Clark, nonresident senior fellow at the Metropolitan Policy Program, continue their conversation on Clark’s new book “Global Cities: A Short History.” The first part of this interview can be found in our “Election 2016: It’s almost over” episode.

Show Notes:

The impact of open government: Assessing the evidence

Trump’s announcement regarding his businesses: A step in the right direction that still falls short

Trump Could Be in Violation of the Constitution His First Day in Office

Skills in the digital age—How should education systems evolve?

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington

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