Down-ballot races in the 2016 election

A voter casts a ballot at Su Nueva laundromat during voting in Illinois' U.S. presidential primary election in Chicago

Molly Reynolds, fellow in Governance Studies, examines the upcoming down-ballot races and how they will shape Congress and state governments.

Also in this episode, John Hudak, deputy director of the Center for Effective Public Management and a senior fellow in Governance Studies, provides an update on where the presidential race stands.

Finally, this episode features an excerpt from an episode of Brookings’s Elections 101 Video Series in which William Galston, senior fellow in Governance Studies, talks about how to increase voter participation and make voting easier.

Show Notes:

What a smaller Republican House majority could mean for Paul Ryan

2016 in Congress: Five things to watch

Elections 101: How Does the Presidential Election Affect Congressional Races?

Elections 101: How can we increase voter participation?

Why Clinton and Trump may increase voter turnout in 2016

After a draw in the second debate, will we see a knockout in the final one?

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