Charts of the week: Prescription drugs, cleantech patents, women’s college enrollment

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US spending on retail prescription drugs totaled $325 billion in 2015

A post from the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy shows that the United States spends “substantially more per capita” on retail prescription drugs than do other advanced economies.


THE NUMBER OF CLEANTECH Patents declined by 9 percent between 2014 and 2016

Research from the Metropolitan Policy Program examines what a recent decline in cleantech patents, combined with proposed federal budget cuts, means for U.S. leadership in cleantech innovation.

figure 1_cleantechblog2

SINCE 2000, women’s 2- and 4-year college ENROLLMENT RATES have been ~6 percentage points higher than for men

The Hamilton Project at Brookings released a study on higher education that included data on how women have outpaced men in both college attendance and degree attainment in the last twenty years.

Figure 3A. Rates of Postsecondary Enrollment by Gender, 1980-2014, and Figure 3B. Rates of Four-Year Degree Completion by Gender, 1980-2014

Sam Dart contributed to this post.