Charts of the week: Mother’s lost earnings, the spread of false information, and segregation in older industrial cities

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Young mothers experience largest lifetime earnings losses from having a child

In a new post, Eleanor Krause and Richard Reeves delve into the many ways women are punished financially for becoming mothers, including the absolute loss of lifetime earnings and lost wages at a single point in time.

Misinformation on Twitter Spreads Faster than the Truth

In a new blog post, Chris Meserole, a fellow in Foreign Policy, presses social media platforms to do more to prevent the spread of falsehoods online. In the chart below, Meserole highlights how a journalist’s false tweet traveled faster and wider than the truth.

A chart illustrating the rapid spread of misinformation online.

More than a 60 percent gap separates typical white and nonwhite household incomes in older industrial cities

In a new post for the Avenue blog, Alan Berube, senior fellow and deputy director of the Metropolitan Policy Program, calls on former manufacturing hubs to address the deep segregation and wide racial income gaps that are limiting their cities’ abilities to succeed.

Chart: Older industrial cities exhibit stark income disparities by race