As more women reach the highest professional levels, there’s no better time to join their ranks.

Women's Leadership Network Panel

Learn from a community of classmates and world-class professors—people eager to share their wisdom and perspectives—in this innovative program.

Gain the skills to get to the next level in your career, focus on your authentic purpose, and leverage the strengths that will get you there. Together with other like-minded leaders, you’ll expand your readiness for higher-level positions within your organization via leadership topics relating to your active career progression and skills necessary when leading larger teams.

The Women’s Leadership Program was developed in response to an expressed need by government leaders to identify and develop high-potential individuals. With that in mind, we designed this program to provide the necessary tools to confidently accept new challenges, effectively manage professional relationships, and proactively steer your career. New and aspiring leaders gain a solid foundation for growth while seasoned executives benefit from reflective practice, exercises that apply to their current leadership challenges, and a return to foundational skills.

Sessions include a thought-provoking mix of lectures, case studies, break-out discussions, role-play exercises, and guest speakers. Live class material is augmented by various independent activities, executive coaching, and videos, all designed and timed to enhance your integration and mastery of key learning points and skills applications.  Gain perspective and support from one-on-one coaching to find practical solutions to the most frustrating challenges or patterns executives currently face. You’ll finish the program with a clear understanding of the unique value you add to an organization and a career strategy rooted in your strengths and priorities.

This program is open to all professionals striving to advance their professional careers and improve their performance. There is no minimum service level required.

2024 Course Dates

Winter/Spring Schedule & Topics

  • Jan 30 | Power, Politics, and Informal Leadership
    Learn the unwritten rules of the organization by exploring three critical skills of informal leadership: Navigating politics, understanding power, and exercising influence.
  • Jan 31 | Effective Negotiation Strategies
    Gain a better understanding of the basic theories of negotiation and improve your ability to maximize total value when negotiating.
  • Mar 6 | Cultivating Executive Presence
    Learn and apply specific strategies to better use your personal attributes and values to cultivate a strong, authentic executive presence.
  • Mar 7 | Organizational Culture
    Learn evidence-based techniques to integrate into your daily work practices to increase personal well-being and professional impact within your organization.
  • May 1 | Advancing Your Career Path
    Evaluate your past and future choices through a strategic framework that accounts for your unique values, priorities, goals, and opportunities.
  • May 2 | Leveraging your Strengths
    Assess your personal strengths so you can create a plan to focus on these strengths and use them more often.

Please note that this program meets in-person at the WashU at Brookings classroom near Dupont Circle. There is no option to join virtually.

“The value of the Women’s Leadership Program exceeds its curriculum. Yes, I gained valuable tools and techniques. But I also acquired a professional network of amazing, accomplished women.”

- past participant


  • Executive Education content geared toward challenges faced by women
  • Supportive learning environment
  • Access to the WashU at Brookings community
  • Career-long alumni network of female government leaders


  • $6,600



Note: You can apply your six units earned through participation in this course to the 15 units required to earn a Certificate in Public Leadership. For more information or to register, contact