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Past Event

Understanding USAID’s Policy Framework

Past Event

USAID recently released the Policy Framework, a document that provides a comprehensive overview of key USAID policies and priorities, connects development policy to U.S. foreign policy and national security goals, and shows the interconnections among policies. The framework highlights the need to address challenges of humanitarian emergencies and food security, climate change, authoritarianism and democratic renewal, health security, and inclusive economic growth.

Given the broad interest in how this framework document will guide implementation of U.S. assistance policies and programs, the Brookings Center for Sustainable Development hosted a public discussion on May 3 with representatives of USAID and civil society to drill down into elements of the framework.

This event was open for in-person attendance or to watch online. Online viewers submitted questions via Twitter @BrookingsGlobal using #USAIDPolicyFramework or email

Download the full transcript of the event here.

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Opening remarks


Sarah Rose

Senior Advisor for Localization - USAID

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