Anthony F. Pipa

Anthony F. Pipa

Tony Pipa is a senior fellow in the Center for Sustainable Development at the Brookings Institution. Tony launched and leads the Reimagining Rural Policy initiative, which seeks to modernize and transform U.S. policy to better enable equitable and sustainable development across rural America. He also launched and leads the Local Leadership on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) initiative, which explores the approach cities and local institutions are taking to solve local problems while driving progress on global policy and transnational issues.

Other research interests include city diplomacy and its influence on national foreign policy and multilateral institutions; the effectiveness of U.S. foreign assistance; and advancement of the SDGs in the U.S.

Tony has three decades of executive leadership experience in the philanthropic and public sectors addressing poverty and advancing inclusive economic development in the U.S. and globally. He served as chief strategy officer at the U.S. Agency for International Development and held multiple senior policy positions at the agency. He also led the U.S. delegation at the U.N. to negotiate and adopt the SDGs, serving as U.S. special coordinator for the Post-2015 Agenda at the U.S. Department of State.

His work on the international stage built upon a legacy of philanthropic leadership to advance community and economic development. While at the Triangle Community Foundation, he created one of the first programs nationwide focused on helping donor advisors maximize their philanthropic impact. He served as founding CEO of the Warner Foundation in Durham, North Carolina, focused on improving race relations and economic opportunity in the state, and subsequently helped launch the Foundation for Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. He has played a principal role in the start-up of multiple philanthropic ventures focused on addressing poverty and improving distressed communities.

Tony serves as treasurer of StriveTogether, as a senior associate research fellow in the Global Cities program at the Italian Institute for International Political Studies, and as a member of several task forces and advisory committees. He grew up in rural Elysburg, Pennsylvania, in the heart of anthracite coal country and attended Stanford University, graduated from Duke University, and earned a Master of Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School.

  • Areas of Expertise

    • United Nations system
    • OECD
    • U.S. Foreign Assistance
    • USAID
    • Transparency and Accountability
    • Global and U.S. Philanthropy
    • Poverty Alleviation
    • Resilience
    • Community-based planning
  • Current Positions

    • Treasurer, StriveTogether
    • Senior Associate Research Fellow, Global Cities Program, Italian Institute for International Political Studies
    • Member, Rural Justice Task Force of the Legal Services Corporation
    • Advisory Board Member, Melbourne Centre for Cities at the University of Melbourne
  • Past Positions

    • Chief Strategy Officer at USAID
    • U.S. Special Coordinator for the Post-2015 Development Agenda at the U.S. Department of State
    • International Policy Advisor at USAID
    • Deputy Assistant to the Administrator in Policy, Planning, and Learning at USAID
    • Senior Advisor, Strategic and Program Planning, Bureau for Policy, Planning, and Learning at USAID
    • Founding Executive Director and Board Member at The Warner Foundation
    • Founding Director of Philanthropic Services at Triangle Community Foundation
    • Founding Executive Director at Mt. Diablo Habitat for Humantiy
  • Education

    • Harvard University, MPA
    • Poynter Institute for Media Studies, Fellowship in Journalism
    • Duke University, BA
  • Languages

    • Spanish (conversational)
    • French (conversational)
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