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Turkey 2007: High Stakes in a Defining Year

The selection of a new President and the general elections make 2007 a defining year for Turkey, setting the course of Turkish internal politics for the next decade. Developments in Iraq, Iran and the eastern Mediterranean also clarify the nature and direction of Ankara’s relations with the U.S., Israel, and the Muslim world.

Brookings launched a one-year long project titled Turkey 2007, which seeks to encourage a focused, informed discussion in the U.S. on developments in and around Turkey in what will be an unusually important year for this pivotal country. On February 13, a panel comprised of leading Turkish experts analyzed the unique obstacles the country face in 2007, and what it means for U.S. interests. Mark R. Parris, the project’s director and former Ambassador to Turkey, moderated. Turkey 2007 is organized in partnership with TUSIAD, the Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association.





Murat Yetkin

Columnist and Ankara Bureau Chief, Radikal (Turkey)

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