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Trans-Atlantic trade and local governance: A conversation with US and UK mayors

Past Event

Introductory remarks

The phrase “all politics is local” might have been born in the U.S., but it is applicable around the world. The global economy is increasingly fueled by a network of metropolitan areas that trade together based on distinctive clusters of firms, specialized expertise, and cultural affinity. However, metropolitan areas in both the U.S. and the U.K. are facing major tests of devolution amid uneven economic outcomes and waves of populism. As a result, trade and regionalism at the subnational level are more important than ever and innovative policies are being surfaced on both sides of the pond.

On Wednesday, January 24, the Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings hosted mayors from the United Kingdom, who joined their American counterparts to discuss the importance of trade, economic development, regionalism and local governance structures, as cities aim to remain competitive in the global economy.


Introductory remarks

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