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The Automatic Revolution: Changing How America Saves

Ten years ago, the US Treasury Department first announced that automatic saving mechanisms (such as “opt out” 401(k) plans) were legal. In the ensuing decade, the structure of 401(k) plans has shifted dramatically to embrace automatic features. The conference highlighted the implications of these changes for American workers and companies and the prospects for the future, through presentations and discussions with leading practitioners, policy makers and researchers.

Speakers and panelists took audience questions.

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Opening Comments

Panel One: Automatic 401(k)s: Moving in the Right Direction


Terri Hill

Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Nationwide


Mike Butler

Senior Vice President, Compensation and Benefits, Cablevision

Lunch Panel Moderator

Panel Two: Pursuing Universal Retirement Security through Automatic IRAs


Tim Jones

Chief Executive, Personal Delivery Authority, United Kingdom

Panel Two Moderators

Panel Three: Expanding Lifetime Income Options

Olivia S. Mitchell

International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans Professor - The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

Lunch and Retirement Policy Outlook

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