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Past Event

Religious Expression in American Public Life

Past Event

Religious Expression in American Public Life

Religion’s place in American public life continues to spark intense political debate. Much of this divide centers on current laws addressing religious liberty, including applications of the religion clauses of the First Amendment.

On January 12, a diverse working group of religious and secular leaders unveiled a joint statement about current laws regarding religious expression in the United States. This document does not focus on what the law should be, but rather what the law is today. The joint statement seeks to provide accessible and useful information for Americans about this area of law, and enrich the conversation surrounding religious liberties.

Signatories discussed current legal protections of religious expressions, including issues such as religion and politics; religious gatherings on government property; chaplains in legislative bodies, prisons and the military; and religion in the workplace. They also discussed the history and future of common-ground projects in the religious freedom field.



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Colby May

Director & Senior Counsel, Washington Office

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