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Past Event

Pursuing New International Politics: An Unfinished Global Revolution

Past Event

Pursuing New International Politics: An Unfinished Global Revolution

In an ever-shrinking world, national problems, such as unemployment and environmental degradation, are rooted in international trends and are increasingly difficult for national governments to solve on their own. Former United Nations Deputy Secretary General Mark Malloch-Brown addresses this global predicament in his new book, The Unfinished Global Revolution: The Pursuit of a New International Politics (Penguin Press, 2011). He argues for the need for stronger international organizations to make headway in important global issues, including finance, public health, poverty and climate change. In the 21st century, Malloch-Brown contends we need to embrace more powerful international organizations to take on issues that are beyond the scope of national governments.

On February 24, Global Economy and Development at Brookings hosted Lord Malloch-Brown for a discussion of the expanding role of international politics. Nancy Birdsall, president of the Center for Global Development, provided opening remarks. Panelists included Brookings Senior Fellow Ted Piccone, deputy director of Foreign Policy at Brookings and David Gordon, head of research and global macro analysis at the Eurasia Group.

Brookings Senior Fellow Katherine Sierra moderated the discussion. After the program, the panelists took audience questions.


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David Gordon

Former Director of policy planning - State Department

Senior Adviser - Eurasia Group

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