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Poverty Reduction Strategies for the Next Decade

The 2008 Presidential race has generated a multitude of proposals to improve the quality of life for people at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder. On September 29, several prominent scholars and policy advocates presented papers on the most promising poverty-reduction strategies for the next decade. Authors outlined their key recommendations at the event, including proposals to improve employment and earnings, strengthen families, enhance opportunities for children, and improve neighborhoods. The discussion of the proposals was followed by comments from policy experts.

This event was co-sponsored by the Economic Studies program at Brookings and its Center on Children and Families.

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Event Materials:

Poverty Reduction Strategies for the U.S. »
by Mary Jo Bane

Poverty and Philanthropy: Strategies for Change »
by Gordon Berlin

High Priority Poverty Reduction Strategies for the Next Decade »
by Rebecca M. Blank

A Plan for Reducing Poverty »
by Ron Haskins

Three Policy Options for Reducing Poverty in the U.S. »
by Wade F. Horn

Policies To Require and Enable Less-Educated Noncustodial Parents To Work And Provide Financial Support For Their Children. »
by Ronald B. Mincy

The Next Time Around: Some Thoughts on Poverty Policy in the Next Administration » 
by Katherine S. Newman

Reducing Poverty Four Key Policy Areas that Need More Policy and Foundation Attention »
by Sharon Parrott

Growing Together: New Poverty Policy for New Times »
by Manuel Pastor


Introductions and Moderators

Rebecca M. Blank

Chancellor - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Former Brookings Expert


Jack Litzenberg

Program Director, Pathways Out of Poverty Program, The Mott Foundation

Panel One: Economy, Jobs, Neighborhoods, and Poverty Reduction Strategies

Panel One Moderator

James P. Ziliak

Gatton Endowed Chair in Microeconomics - Department of Economics, University of Kentucky

Director - Center for Poverty Research, University of Kentucky

Panel Two: Families, Children, and Poverty Reduction Strategies

Wade Horn

Public Sector Health and Human Services Leader - Deloitte

Reaction and Commentary


David Ellwood

Scott M. Black Professor of Political Economy - Harvard University

More Information

(202) 797-6105

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