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Past Event

Paycheck Plus: A New Antipoverty Strategy for Single Adults in New York City

Past Event

Paycheck Plus: A New Antipoverty Strategy for Single Adults in New York City

Harry J. Holzer, Joseph Jones, Jr., Vicki Turetsky, Gordon Berlin, Sander Levin, Ron Haskins, Linda Gibbs, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, and Isabel V. Sawhill

New York City’s Center for Economic Opportunity and MDRC have launched a path-breaking demonstration project that is rigorously testing a new earnings supplement for low-income single adults — mostly men — with the goal of promoting work and reducing poverty. A direct response to the downward trend in employment, wages, and earnings among the least skilled, the project will simulate an expanded Earned Income Tax Credit for low-income single workers without dependent children.

On November 14, the Center on Children and Families at Brookings held a forum to introduce the experiment and analyze its possible effects. The event opened with an overview of the demonstration by Gordon Berlin, president of MDRC. A keynote address by Rep. Sander Levin (D-Mich.) followed. A panel of experts then discussed the project and its implications for national policy.

Join the conversation on Twitter at #paycheckplus.


Overview of Experiment

Keynote Address



Linda Gibbs

Deputy Mayor for Health & Human Services - City of New York

Harry J. Holzer

Nonresident Senior Fellow - Economic Studies

John LaFarge Professor of Public Policy, Georgetown University

Former Chief Economist, Department of Labor


Vicki Turetsky

Commissioner, Office of Child Support Enforcement - Administration for Children and Families (HHS)

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