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MENA Economies Emerging from the Pandemic: A Conversation with Jihad Azour

Past Event

As vaccination campaigns ramp up, the region’s recovery has started but is likely to be gradual and uneven. The trajectory of the recovery will differ from country to country, shaped by factors such as vaccine availability, dependence on tourism and contact-intensive sectors, as well as the efficacy of policy decisions.

In its latest Regional Economic Outlook for the Middle East and Central Asia, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) argues that in 2021 MENA countries will have to implement policies to protect public health and foster a green and inclusive recovery, while also promoting debt sustainability and financial resilience. The IMF underscores that it will be necessary for countries to work together at the regional and international levels in order to successfully pursue these policy aims and “build forward better.”

The Brookings Doha Center and IMF hosted a fireside chat between Jihad Azour and Tarik Yousef that discussed the post-COVID-19 economic outlook for the MENA region.


Jihad Azour

Director, Middle East and Central Asia Department - International Monetary Fund

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