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Past Event

Invest in Infrastructure for Long-Term Prosperity

Past Event

Memo to the President: Invest in Infrastructure for Long-Term Prosperity

President-elect Obama is preparing plans for an immediate economic stimulus package. At the same time, his new administration must consider how to make investments that will stabilize and strengthen our economy over the long term. Smart investments in infrastructure, innovation and life-long learning can enhance national prosperity—especially in metropolitan areas, where the bulk of our population lives and jobs are located.

On January 12, Brookings held the tenth of 12 events to provide timely policy recommendations and advice to the incoming president and his transition team. Brookings Vice President and Director of the Metropolitan Policy Program Bruce Katz and Fellow Rob Puentes offered a public memo to the president-elect with recommendations on bolstering infrastructure and investing in other economic drivers. This forum focused on infrastructure, including recommended structural reforms in the coming economic recovery package as well as reforms that are needed in the intermediate term.

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Deb Miller

Secretary, Kansas Department of Transportation

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