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Past Event

How will a national data privacy law affect connected devices, applications, and the cloud?

Past Event

As Congress currently works toward a national data privacy law, how will existing and emerging innovations be impacted, including connected devices, applications, and the cloud? What will be the effects of stronger transparency and disclosure requirements on consumer-facing technologies and companies? What will privacy compliance look like for companies who offer online or cloud-based products and services? How can we protect consumer rights in the emerging world of around-the-clock digital connections?

On September 16, the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings hosted a public discussion on how federal legislation should account for a variety of nuanced verticals, including health care, commerce, and education. Panelists discussed how pending legislation should allow for innovation, while still ensuring greater consumer transparency. The event also examined the context and application of any new data law and its effect on various online, behavioral activities managed by consumers.

Following the discussion, the panel answered questions from the audience.



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