2:00 pm EDT - 3:00 pm EDT

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Exploring Mars and the moon

Fifteenth annual A. Alfred Taubman Forum on Public Policy

Thursday, May 02, 2024

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT

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With a recent moon landing and plans for ambitious Mars launches, U.S. space exploration is accelerating rapidly. Private companies are assisting NASA and paving the way for dramatic new discoveries of the solar system. With knowledge gained from these ventures, several countries such as China, India, and a European consortium are hoping to make crewed launches to the moon within the next few years. 

On May 2, as part of the fifteenth annual A. Alfred Taubman Forum on Public Policy, Governance Studies at Brookings held a forum on plans to explore Mars and the moon. Leaders from NASA joined Senior Fellow Darrell West to discuss new directions in space exploration, the role of private companies, and the hopes and challenges for continued ventures in space. 

Viewers submitted questions for speakers by emailing [email protected] or via Twitter at @BrookingsGov by using #SpaceExploration.