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Declaration of Democratic Principles: Civil society’s critical role in achieving the Summit for Democracy goals

In the lead-up to the second Summit for Democracy, the Brookings Institution will host a webinar to mark the release of a civil society-led Declaration of Democratic Principles. The declaration—coordinated by Freedom House, the George W. Bush Institute, and the McCain Institute—includes the contributions of 14 cohorts established during the “Year of Action” following the first Summit for Democracy in December 2021. The event will examine how to advance these principles and tackle the world’s greatest corruption, democracy, and security challenges.

On March 27, join Governance Studies at Brookings for an expert panel that will highlight achievements and challenges in the “Year of Action.” The discussion will unpack ways that civil society, the private sector, and governments can work together to strengthen democracy, fight corruption, and promote respect for human rights. After their remarks, the panel will take audience questions.



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