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Past Event

Cyber Policy in China

Past Event

Cyber Policy in China

On December 9th, the John L. Thornton China Center at the Brookings Institution hosted a book event marking the publication of Cyber Policy in China (John Wiley & Sons) by Greg Austin.

The book provides the first comprehensive analysis of the challenges confronting China in its effort to develop as an information-based economy. Will China’s leaders be capable of the very difficult choices needed to ensure a successful cyber future? Can they move beyond long-dominant industrial policies and the desire to retain national sovereignty in economic development? The volume explores the realities of the information age that are forcing the pace of technological and institutional change within China. The success or failure of the policy choices facing China will depend on China’s ability to adapt to the norms and realities of the information age.

Following introductory remarks by the author, two leading specialists provided commentaries, followed by a discussion among the panelists and questions from the audience.


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James Mulvenon

Director, Center for Intelligence Research and Analysis Defense Group, Inc.

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