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Cross-Strait Economic and Political Relations and the Obama Administration

CNAPS and the Epoch Foundation organized this conference examining cross-strait relations and U.S. policy toward Asia at a time of political change in Taiwan and the United States. Three panels, featuring Brookings and CNAPS scholars as well as other experts, analyzed U.S. policy, cross-Strait relations, and the economy of mainland China. Brookings President Strobe Talbott and Vincent Siew, vice president of the Republic of China, provided keynote remarks.

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Welcome Remarks


Paul S.P. Hsu

President, Epoch Foundation and Chairman and CEO, PHYCOS International Co.

Keynote Address: U.S. Foreign Policy in the New Administration

Panel I: Asia Policy under the New U.S. Administration


Frank Ching

Senior Columnist, South China Morning Post; CNAPS Advisory Council Member


Tsuyoshi Sunohara

Senior Staff Diplomatic Writer, International News Department, Nikkei Newspaper

Wonhyuk Lim

Director, Global Economy Research - Korea Development Institute

Afternoon Keynote Address

Panel II: Cross Strait Relations Six Months into the Ma Administration


Tomohiko Taniguchi

Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of System Design and Management, Keio University; CNAPS Visiting Fellow, 2004-2005


Richard Weixing Hu

Associate Professor, Department of Politics and Public Administration, University of Hong Kong - CNAPS Visiting Fellow, 2007-2008, The Brookings Institution


Liu Fu-Kuo

Research Fellow, Institute of International Relations and Executive Director, Center for Security Studies

Panel III: The Chinese Economy


Zhu Wenhui

Senior Fellow, Hong Kong Bauhinia Research Center and Commentator, Phoenix TV; CNAPS Visiting Fellow, 2004-2005

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