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China and SARS: The Crisis and Its Effects on Politics and the Economy

The outbreak of SARS in China was the most serious test of China’s new leadership’s ability to deal with crisis. Although the Chinese government has effectively contained the epidemic for now, there is much uncertainty about the effects of the crisis on China’s political stability and economic performance. Laurie Garrett, science and medical writer for Newsday, Robert A. Kapp, president of the US-China Business Council, and Michael Swaine and Minxin Pei, senior associates and co-directors of the China Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, explored SARS and its effects on China’s crisis management capabilities, political and business climates, and cross-strait relations. The discussion was moderated by CNAPS Director Richard Bush.






Michael Swaine

Senior Associate, The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


Minxin Pei

Professor and Director - Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies

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